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Minggu, 26 Desember 2010

Invitation to join new sub-committees

Dear friends,

Happy holidays!!!

After a successful IOV World Youth Congress in Nanjing, China, this past October, we are getting Reddy to start working for our next Congress in 2012 and other important projects in which the IOV Youth can engage.

For this purpose, I propose the creation of several sub-committees within the IOV Youth Commission. These sub-committees will be internal working groups that will allow us to get more involved in the process and our activities and distribute the great amount of work we have ahead of us.

There are many plans and possible projects we can develop, but we need the interested members to get involved and actively participate.

Be an active member of IOV, in good standing.
Be responsible and reliable.
Able to commit at least 2-3 hours per week for IOV related work.
Willing to take responsibilities and report frequently about its status.
Check and respond regularly to emails and other communications.
Be able to work in teams and multi-cultural environment.
Members can only join one sub-committee.
If you are interested and can commit to joining one of the new sub-committees, please send me an email to, with your desired sub-committee and a second option in case the first option is full. Members will be assigned to the committees on the order they express their interest.


Communications Sub-Committee
Communicate with members. Submit information to media, newspapers, news agencies and journalists from all parts of the world. Public relations. Develop alliances with other NGOs or corporations. Advertise IOV and the Youth Congress. Generate exposure and awareness for IOV Youth and the Congress. Write articles. Work with multimedia content (photos, videos, audio, etc.) for advertising and communications purposes. Maintain IOV’s social media channels.

Recruiting Sub-Committee
Develop strategies to attract new members for IOV, especially young members. Create links and relationships in universities and student organizations around the world to promote students to join IOV. Plan and coordinate events and activities to raise awareness about IOV and the benefits for joining. Contact cultural leaders and invite them to join IOV.

Congress Sub-Committee
Work on the logistics and other details of the 3rd World Youth Congress in 2012. Serve as link with the host organization. Coordinate invitations and application procedures. Collect suggestions and feedback from members to integrate to the congress agenda and topics. Maintain IOV informed at all times of the status and developments of the congress.

Fundraising Sub-Committee
Plan and implement fundraising activities and strategies to raise funds for IOV, the IOV Youth Commission and/or the Youth Congress. Submit proposals to corporations and other NGOs to seek funds or to suggest alliances and partnerships to help us raise the necessary funds. Identify possible grants of available governmental funds in different countries.

Each sub-committee has its own goals, targets and stages to implement. This description included is only a brief description, but other responsibilities may be assigned to a team. These will be discussed with the members of each committee once selected.

I hope to see many of you in these working groups.

Best regards,

Olvin Valentin
Chair, IOV Youth Commission