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Senin, 01 Maret 2010

113 Confirmation New IOV Member 4262 Indonesia

International Organization of Folk Art

Mag. Hans Joachim Holz
Secretary General
General Secretariat : Sportplatzstra├če 10, 4770 Andorf, Austria
Tel. u. Fax :++43 7766 41080
e-mail :, homepage :
1979 - 2009

CN: 113/2010 HJH-JG-HG Andorf, 01.03.2010

Dear new member,

Dear Andris Adhitra,

May we present our sincerest thanks on behalf of the World Presiding Board of the International Organization of Folk Art (IOV) for sending us your membership form.

By this letter we gladly confirm your membership in our organization and welcome you in the large family of IOV.

Your IOV registration no is 4262

We are very pleased with your decision to become a member of our International Organization which at present counts on members in 184 countries all over the world.

Our manifold working tasks and programme for folk art, folk culture and cultural heritage include dancing, singing, music, traditional costumes, science and investigation, ethnographical museums, handicrafts, folk art festivals and gatherings, popular architecture, fairy-tales, legends, literature, popular poetry and popular theatre.

Nevertheless, we would like to emphasize that membership in our Organization also means active participation. We expect from our new members also some interesting and prolific suggestions and ideas as well as their regular cooperation..

Folk art and traditional culture are essential parts of the cultural heritage of all peoples all over the world. We have to protect and to promote these goods for the whole mankind in order to contribute to the understanding among peoples and to maintain peace in our world.

We count on your active cooperation in order to achieve our organization‘s objectives together.

We are looking forward to our future cooperation and express our deep respect and solidarity.
In the meantime we remain

yours faithfully,

Carmen D. Padilla Mag. Hans-Joachim Holz President Secretary General

Andris Adhitra
Jalan Kedoya 29
Pondok Cina Depok
16424 Depok

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