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Senin, 17 Mei 2010


The First IOV Youth Congress

The First IOV World Youth Congress, Organized by IOV UNESCO and undertaken by IOV USA Section, was held in Bountiful city, Utah U.S.A., during 5 to 8 in Oct., 2008. Lots of officials of IOV and UNESCO, and about 150 scholars, who were coming from 55 countries and regions, including experts on folklore, linguisticians, architects, dancers, musician, authors, archaeologists, technologists, and professors, were all together in Utah to attend this Congress.

The Congress was a stage build by UNESCO and IOV for the world young people to show their folk culture and arts. And also, it was a big party for those young people who works at culture protection and development to understand, exchange and discuss to each.

At the meeting, the participants made brilliant speeches about their country’s traditional culture and arts as well as the harvest of ICH protection work. Many delegates still performed and displayed their traditional music, dance and costumes at the scene. It’s made the meeting were serious but also lively.

In this Congress, every young people received opportunities of showing and learning. Everybody could know each other, as well as understand other counties’ culture. By the suggestion of Ms. Carmen Padilla, the President of IOV, and Ms. Caroline Kuo, the vice President of IOV, IOV Youth Committee was established. And some excellent young people were pointed as the regional or professional principle. It has drawn a good model for better working in future.

Invited by the Congress Organizing Committee, some technicians of China Nanjing Yunjin Brocade Research Institute as a part of China delegation were also arrive in Bountiful to attend this Congress. They designedly delivered an ancient loom and a large number of beautiful works to the venue to live perform and sell. This ancient weaving technique of Yunjin began in the Eastern Jin Dynasty since 1580 yeas ago.

During the three Chinese Dynasty of Yuan, Ming and Qing, Yunjin became the Royal supplies only could be provided to emperors and their wives. Yunjin’s weaving process is very complex, the materials are daintily, and the finished products are wonderful. Yunjin is a rare and amazing handmade art. At this Congress, nominated by Mr. Hans Holz, the Secretary-General of IOV, and Ms. Emma Chen Hoelfer, the Chief CEO of IOV and the President of IOV China Section, Nanjing Yunjin has been formally handed up to UNESCO as the main task of IOV, to declare to the world-class ICH list.

This Congress was held in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of Bountiful/Davis Summer Festival International. The participants also attend the Festival’s opening ceremony and watched the performance. Because the meeting period overlapped with the Beijing Olympic Games, the Chinese delegation took an Olympic flag which is authorized to be used by Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee to the United States, as the support to the Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

In the Summer Festival Opening Ceremony, the main leaders of IOV, the Mayor of Bountiful and the famous professor of Brigham Young University held the flag high entered. A young singer from China Sichuan, the earthquake disaster area, also presented songs and Hada to the Festival, expressed the blessing from Chinese people.

The four-day Congress concluded successfully in a warm and friendly atmosphere. This Meeting, as the First IOV World Youth Congress, was significant. The successful holding of this Congress opens a new chapter for IOV’s future work. It made young people to know and understand to each other, and allowed more young people to realize the importance of the protection of endangered culture heritage. This Congress is a milestone in the work of IOV!

IOV USA Section spent nearly two years of time to prepare this Congress. For the first time to hold such a Congress, no experience, no reference, everything is starting from nothing. Behind the success of the Congress, it can well be imagined that the staff of IOV USA Section, especially the President Mr. George Frandsen, have paid so many painstaking efforts.

The Organizing Committee prepared excellent catalogs, medals, letterhead paper and bags for the participants, and the meeting schedule was also arranged very carefully. Specially, participants were also arranged to enjoy a two-day tour, to see the rare scenery of the Western United States. That is a wonderful journey. Besides, Bountiful is a beautiful, quiet and comfortable town, the people here is kind-hearted, friendly and cordial. Under the arrangement of the Organizing Committee, participants lived into the homes of the local residents, to experience the local civil life. Such a cordial reception made all the participants feel at home. Thanks the IOV USA Section and Bountiful to do lots of works and efforts for this Congress. We are looking forward to the Second IOV World Youth Congress will be held on schedule!

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