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Rabu, 03 November 2010

Report from IOV Youth Indonesia on 2nd International IOV YOUTH CONFERENCE, Nanjing, China

2nd IOV Youth Conference come to an end. Hundreds of youth from all over the world share their idea about Urban Sutainability regarding the safeguarding of Intagible Heritage of the World.
During the conference, their widen their horizon about the problem among their country, report of what they did and what they will do next as the motto of the conference, "We are youth of today, look on the past, and moving forward".

The participant also visit the exhibition of heritage of China, and vote for award given, also visit some world heritage and situs in Nanjing.

We are thank you for all the volunteer of the conference, IOV Comission and city of Nanjing for the great event.
See you again next 2012.

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