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Jumat, 03 September 2010

IOV YOUTH colleague "TETA University of Paramadina"

T-TA is the traditional dance team from the University of Paramadina in Jakarta which was founded on February 2, 2009. T-TA is a young developing team which creation was the effect of the lack of interest in Indonesian cultural heritage among young people.

The founders of this team wanted Paramadina University students to become interested and learn traditional dances which contribute to the cultural heritage of Indonesia. Until now, this team has been growing rapidly. This dance team consists of students who have a great passion to learn and maintain the original character of Indonesian culture in the field of dance, so its members have a really keen interest in traditional dances.

This team performs many Indonesian dances, such as Saman dance from Aceh, Betawi dance (topeng betawi, nandak ganjen etc) from Jakarta, Rantak and Zapin dance from West Sumatra, Balinese dance (pendet, belibis,etc) and also created their own dance creations. Moreover, the team has also participated in many events around Indonesia.

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