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Jumat, 03 September 2010

Report from IOV Youth Indonesia

We are IOV YOUTH section Indonesia, we proudly announced our following activity this summer:
We enhance 3 different University Folklore group from Jakarta to join International Folklore Festival Abroad.

we are working with Kencana Pradipa from University of Indonesia; of attended 2 month program of International Folklore Festival in Spain, Portugal and Canary Island.
And University of Pelita Harapan, attending Folklore Festival in Varna; Bulgaria, and last but not least University of Paramadina attended 2 different International Folklore Festival in Poznan and Warsaw Poland.

By the support of the IOV YOUTH section team; all the participant observe and learning 12 different dancing from 12 different indigenous tribe of Indonesia.

About 90 youth working with their own team; of learning the story behind the dancing; the music they played; and some ritual to be perform on stage together with folklore group around the world.

Along the cultural mission each team share their idea, and point of view about culture, custom and tradition.

Also last month, our team met Dr. Carmen Padilla, and have a conversation about how IOV YOUTH Section Indonesia Work.

We are thank you for all support from IOV team; hopefully we will have a contribution for the developing of culture, and tradition of the World.

Warm regards;
Andris Adhitra
IOV Youth Section

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