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Senin, 09 Juli 2012


SMA DWI WARNA TOUR 2012 Updated 6 JULY 2012 ----- Schedual First the group will visit Sluiskil. Sluiskil is close to Terneuzen. You can find Terneuzen in the Zeeland province, in the southern part of The Netherlands, it’s not far from the border of Belgium. (Gent - Antwerp).
From 6 untill 10 August the SMA DWI WARNA BOARDINGSCHOOL will come to Sluiskil with a group of 31 persons. Monday 6-aug 14.30 Arrival Brussels 16.30 Visit Brussels centrum 18.00 Photo stop Atomium 19.30 Arrival Sluiskil Go to Hostfamilys Tuesday 7-aug Morning Performance Vremdieke, Hoek Lunch At Bachten Dieke, Terneuzen Afternoon Performance Bachten Dieke, Terneuzen Evening Free Wednesday 8-aug Morning Free Afternoon Learning dance with Indonesia and Dutch Children at SKI, Sluiskil Dinner Evening Sports + Disco Thursday 9-aug Morning Performance Emmaus, Ijzendijke Lunch Pick nick Afternoon Performance De Vurssche, Axel Evening Farewell-party, Sluiskil Friday 10-aug Morning Free 13.00 All together at Sluiskil 14.00 Depart with Bus to Torhout (ka-dans) After Sluiskil they will join the KA-dans festival in Belgium from 10 untill 16 August. On 16 August the group will go back to Indonesia from Brussels Airport. At Sluiskil the guests will sleep in the house of the familys: 1 Fam Jansen 2 Fam Dooms 3 Fam v. Duijne 4 Fam v.d. Linden 5 Fam van Wijck 6 Fam Verlinde 7 Fam Vreuls-Bakker 8 Fam Dieleman-de Jong 9 Fam Maas 10 Fam de Pooter 11 Fam Cromheecke 12 Ria Zegers 13 Fam Dekker 14 Fam Coers 15 Fam Clemminck Spare Fam Verschuure

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